Russian Poetry in Translations

last updates 2020-05-24: Boris Pasternak — «A Poem», Bella Akhmadulina — «The God», «Sarah Bernhardt», «Click. The bullet was engaged...», «Fifteen Boys», «What makes me different...», Bulat Okudzhava — «Johnny Morozov», «The Paper Soldier», «The Black Cat», «All night the cocks were crowing...», «Song About Fools», «Song of the American Soldier», «Song About the Drummer», David Samoylov — «Do not trust the disciples. They will betray the cause...», Boris Slutsky — «Fears, jeers, tears...», «In the state there is the law...», Sophia Parnok — «My beloved! My tricky demon!..», «Ghazals», «Like an ungraceful little girl you appeared before me...», «Alcaic Strophes», «Sonnet», «I see you descending from the trolley...», «They look anew with sightless eyes...», Marina Tsvetaeva — «Girlfriend. 5. Today, at about the stroke of eight...», «Girlfriend. 1. Are you happy? — You don’t say! Hardly at all!..», «Girlfriend. 2. Under the plush rug’s caress...», «Girlfriend. 4. You didn’t feel like getting dressed...», «Girlfriend. 7. How cheerfully with snowflakes shone...», «Girlfriend. 9. You walk along your road...», «Girlfriend. 10. How can I not recall...».