Russian Poetry in Translations

last updates 2023-05-28: Vladimir Mayakovsky — «An extraordinary adventure which befell Vladimir Mayakovsky in a summer cottage», «Order No. 2 to the army of the arts», «Usually so», «As a boy», «As a young man», «My university», «Adults», «What happened», «I call», «Impossible», «It’s that way with me», «Conclusion», Boris Pasternak — «To be renowned is not a virtue...», 2023-05-27: Ilya Selvinsky — «Tiger», «The Birch-Tree», «Prelude», «Tragedy», Vladimir Mayakovsky — «A Few Words About My Wife», 2023-05-20: Alexander Blok — «May`s been cruel with the cruel nights!..», «Cruel May!.. The northern nights are sleepless...», 2023-05-19: Alexander Vertinsky — «I remember the night...», 2023-05-15: Maxim Gorky — «The song of the storm finch», Ilya Ehrenburg — «Can ever children of the tropics...», Marina Tsvetaeva — «My attitude and posture...», «Prayer», «I like that I am not Your inner pain...», «Poems about Moscow — 4», «Forsaking a solemn cathedral...», «Don. 2. Who lived will die, who fell will rise. In wonder...», «Psyche. 1. Not an impostress — it`s my home address...».