Russian Poetry in Translations

last updates 2021-01-11: Marina Tsvetaïeva — «Ah! les vains regrets de ma terre...», «Il me plaît que vous ne soyez pas fou de moi...», «Cà me plaît que vous n’ayez pas le mal de moi...», 2021-01-10: Anna Akhmatova — «The evening peal at monastery’s wall...», Arseny Tarkovsky — «He lived and died and so did she...», Alexander Pushkin — «To Delvig», «With head inclined, I stand before...», Mikhail Lermontov — «She sings — and notes’ evaporation...», Alexander Pushkin — «The Moon», Ivan Bunin — «And here again, as dusk now spreads...», Anna Akhmatova — «Of the cuckoo asked I boldly...», Georgy Ivanov — «I do not ask of love; I do not sing of spring...», Fyodor Sologub — «And briefly a joy was ignited...», Anna Akhmatova — «To me the whole world promised him...», «A Ghost», Boris Pasternak — «Spring in the Forest», Vladislav Khodasevich — «Look for Me», 2021-01-09: Konstantin Balmont — «From nothing God created Earth...», Georgy Ivanov — «In 1913, still in bliss not understanding...», Vladislav Khodasevich — «The Waning», Eduard Bagritsky — «Autumn», Boris Pasternak — «Hamlet», Anna Akhmatova — «So since the dawn I’ve nothing said...», Arseny Tarkovsky — «The End of Navigation», Georgy Ivanov — «America and Europe will no longer be...», Alexander Pushkin — «Cyclops», Georgy Ivanov — «To Petersburg, then Paris too...», Boris Pasternak — «Magdalene», Nikolay Nekrasov — «In the Country», Igor Severyanin — «No More Than a Dream...».