Russian Poetry in Translations

last updates 2022-06-29: Ivan Turgenev — «Fog’s morning, morning with gray...», 2022-06-27: Alexander Puschkin — «Die Teufel», «Der Ertrunkene», Mikhail Lermontov — «Cossack Lullaby», Michail Lermontow — «Wiegenlied der Kosaken», 2022-06-23: Boris Pasternak — «The Nobel prize», 2022-06-18: Joseph Brodsky — «Neither country and cemetery...», 2022-06-13: Dmitry Merezhkovsky — «The life’s nonentity scares us...», 2022-06-07: Osip Mandelshtam — «The bread is poisoned and the air is drunk...», 2022-06-03: Boris Slutsky — «My friends», 2022-06-02: «The Bathhouse», «Law, which each citizen knows well...», «God», «Horses in the ocean», «The Hospital», 2022-05-24: Alexander Blok — «On the plain of Kulikovo. 1. The river stretches wide. It flows on tiredly...», «On the plain of Kulikovo. 2. At midnight you and I paused on the steppe...», «On the plain of Kulikovo. 3. The night when Mamai and his hordes were spread...», «On The Field of Kulikovo. 4. Now again the feather-grass...», «On The Field of Kulikovo. 5. Over the plain of Kulikovo...», «Visitor», 2022-05-18: Mikhail Lermontov — «Boring and sadly. And no one can give me a hand...», 2022-05-17: Mikhaíl Lérmontov — «Non, eu non son Byron, son outro...», «O mendigo», «A Vela», 2022-05-15: Mikhail Lermontov — «I am not Byron — yet I am...», 2022-05-13: Anna Ahmatova — «Harmaasilmäinen kuningas», Sergei Jesenin — «Miksi kuu noin himmeästi paistaa...», «Katšalovin koiralle», «Kirje äidille».