Translations of Russian poetry

last updates 2019-08-23: Marina Tsvetaeva — «Terminal Silhouette», «In Paris», «Prayer», «To Asya», «Books in Red Binding», «New Moon», 2019-08-22: Marina Zwetajewa — «Wie viele sind gefallen in die Grube...», Alexander Puschkin — «Ob durch belebte Strassen eile...», Nikolai Gumiljow — «Der Wald», Waleri Brjussow — «Der Sklave des Pharaos (zwei letzte Strophen)», Nikolai Gumiljow — «Entsetzen», Marina Tsvetaeva — «Lady with Camelias», 2019-08-20: «My days are awkward and absurd...», Anna Akhmatova — «I will quietly in the churchyard...», «With pride your spirit is darkened...», «The early chills are most pleasant to me...», «I dream less of him, dear God be gloried...», «We`ll be with each other, dear...», «In Memory of June 19, 1914», «Before the spring arrives there are such days...», «The fifth time of the year...», «I myself have freely chosen...», «Dream», «White House», «He walked over fields and over village...», «Wide and yellow`s evening light...», «Whether to look for you on earth...», «No, my prince, I am not the one...», «From memory of you I will remove that day...», «Did not scold me, did not praise me...».