Russian Poetry in Translations

last updates 2020-08-13: Marina Tsvetaeva — «In a world where most people...», «Poem of the mountain», «Poem of the end», «To Boris Pasternak», «Homesickness», «Epitaph. 1. Just going out for a minute...», «Epitaph. 2. Useless with eyes like nails to...», «Epitaph. 3. Because once when you were young and bold...», «Epitaph. 4. The blow muffled through years of...», «Readers of Newspapers», «Desk. 1. My desk, most loyal friend...», «Desk. 2. I celebrate thirty years...», «Desk. 6. The rest of you can eat me up...», «Bus», «When I look at the flight of the leaves», 2020-08-12: «God help us Smoke!..», «Ophelia: in Defence of the Queen», «Wherever you are I can reach you...», «Wires. 1. Along these singing lines that run...», «Wires. 8. Patiently, as tarmac under hammers...», «Sahara», «The Poet. 1. A poet’s speech begins a great way off...», «The Poet. 2. There are superfluous people about in...», «The Poet. 3. Now what shall I do here, blind and fatherless?..», «You loved me...», «It’s not like waiting for post...», «My ear attends to you...», «As people listen intently...», «Strong doesn’t mate with strong...», 2020-08-08: Valery Bryusov — «Two Voices».