Ivan Bunin
The Song

You'd be always out
In villages around
Having fun at feasts
I'd be on my own,
In the wood or home,
Watching plants and trees.

Girls were, sewing, spinning
Grannies played with children
I was all alone,
Gentle as a berry
Still as captive birdie
In a flax-blue tone.

Didn't I love him dearly?
Didn't I pray sincerely,
Begging God for hope?
Years were flying over
I was getting older...
And your bugle stopped.

Now the sunset rambles
Round the rooms and parlours
By the oaken pale.
But it's cold and dumpy
And my soul, held captive,
Can't escape the jail.

Translated by Alec Vagapov

Иван Бунин

На пирах веселых,
В деревнях и селах
Проводил ты дни.
Я в лесу сидела
Да в окно глядела
На кусты и пни.

Девки пряли, шили,
Дети с нянькой жили,
Я всегда одна —

Ласковей черницы,
Тише пленной птицы
И бледнее льна.

Я ли не любила?
Я ли не молила,
Чтоб господь помог?

А года летели,
Волоса седели...
И замолк твой рог.

Солнце пред закатом
Бродит по палатам,
Вдоль дубовых стен.

Да оно не греет,
Да душа не смеет
Кинуть долгий плен.

Стихотворение Ивана Бунина «Песня» на английском.
(Ivan Bunin in english).