Fyodor Sologub
She was in a village by a forest side...

She was in a village by a forest side.
She knocked at the doors and loudly she cried...
It was growing dark; she was terrified.
The grim doors were shut, and entrance was denied.

For a long, long time she wandered far and wide.
Oh lonely it was in the darkness to abide
With grim doors shut and entrance denied.
And darkness threatening like a rising tide!

When triumphant morning in all its pride
Rose on the world, she had fallen, she had died.

Translated by Vivian de Sola Pinto

Фёдор Сологуб
В село из леса она пришла...

В село из леса она пришла.
Она стучала, она звала.

Ее страшила ночная тьма,
Но не пускали ее в дома.

И долго, долго брела она,
И темной ночью была одна,

И не пускали ее в дома,
И угрожала ночная тьма.

Когда ж, ликуя, заря взошла,
Она упала — и умерла.

Стихотворение Фёдора Сологуба «В село из леса она пришла...» на английском.
(Fyodor Sologub in english).