Afanasy Fet
Ophelia was singing as she perished...

Ophelia was singing as she perished,
And she sang while plaiting a wreath;
With flowers, the wreaths, and verses
She sunk down to the riverbed.

So much in sad songs that is tempting,
Insinuates my soul toward dark depths.
So many are the feelings and songs,
The lacrimae and desires to me given.

Translated by Alex Cigale

Афанасий Фет
Офелия гибла и пела...

Офелия гибла и пела,
И пела, сплетая венки;
С цветами, венками и песнью
На дно опустилась реки.

И многое с песнями канет
Мне в душу на темное дно,
И много мне чувства, и песен,
И слез, и мечтаний дано.

Стихотворение Афанасия Фета «Офелия гибла и пела...» на английском.
(Afanasy Fet in english).